Bristol Society of Magic visit 26 May 2016

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Welcome to the Bristol magicians to the Heavytree venue for the first time, it was a pleasure to see our friends make the trip down to entertain us as well as catch up about the last Bristol Day of Magic.
On the subject of conventions the menus are available of the Exonian Convention in October and now available on the website convention page. Please can members fill out forms by 5 September.
Chairman George also wanted to make members aware and than those who have opened up their houses for the Summer meet ups,  Simon Croft, Roger and Diane and Simon East.
Ozzy also wanted to encourage members that the Lymington Spar magic convention is 14-15 June is worth attending as lots of food is provided with the ticket.
After the notices it was Mr Paul Preager, Hon. Secretary for their club, to introduce the performers. Some where old faces and some we had yet to have the pleasure.
Simon Lane was first to take the floor with a 'Lottery' effect with four little coloured pots and four little envelopes freely chosen by three members of the audience. The last retained by Simon. Inside the envelopes where coloured disks which corresponded with the pots. Inside the pots was found to be chocolates and even though the last person to open the envelope was given the chance  to swap the pot lest for Simon was a roll of cash.
The next two volunteers Dave and Simon Leach took part of a Spelling Card trick. Dealt cards onto the table spelled out the two of the aces and with some wonderful card manipulation Simon brought up the other two, the Seven of Diamond previously chosen.
His third effect was a 'Magic Numbers Square' effect which from random chosen numbers he constructed a square which matched the chosen number in any which was you cared to add it up. Even members who had seen this effect numerous times couldn't be impressed with the presentation. 
After Simon, Paul wanted to as the club what they thought of the last Bristol Day of Magic. I am sure he would be grateful for any fee back which we can given them.
Robin Halligan was next, and her took his jacket off to showed he meant business.
He entertained us with Day-glow shoe lace round Dave's finger, the eye wobbling Hypno Wheel and a Pepsi challenge. The punch line, which I would not wish to give a spoiler away for those who have not seen this number trick, but it took quite a few seconds for the penny to drop for the payoff.
One of the Bristol members had difficulty getting to tonight's meeting so Paul stepped up and wowed with some impromptu effects such as a a masterful demonstration on how to perform a cut and restored rope.
Just before the break, with the refreshments being supplied but the venue rather the the usual members contribution, the last members who had not revived the new certificate had a small presentation. 
A new face to us was the youthful Calum Wheaver who showed Dave and new member Derrick some stunning close up coin magic. First with pennies which transposed to one hand and the two in the other with charming banter. Next was a any card at any number faultlessly performed and if he had not impressed us enough a rendition of the 'Professors Nightmare' and rope box which had ropes and a ring impossibly linking within.
Paul Prager came back for his set which involved the deft handling of a nut which would not say on the rope, coins which would not stay under the salt cellar and card which would not stay in their box.
And lastly for his final effect, our Roger had to smile when Paul produced his jumbo cards and performed one of his favorites.
Thank you Bristol, we look forward to our next encounter in 2017.
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